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Sinks Or Swim

  • The reality is simple, yet serious. If we don't create and manage carbon sinks to remove already existing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, sea levels are going to rise, wreaking havoc on coastal cities worldwide.
  • The main cause of the global climate change which threatens human civilization is simple: over eons, plants, fueled by the sun, moved carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to the ground, lowering the heat retention properties of the atmosphere, which created a climate suitable for the rise of human civilization.
  • In only a little over a hundred years, we have taken so much of that carbon out of the ground (in the form of fossil fuels) and put it back into the atmosphere that we are raising the temperature again. We have already gone beyond the point at which the stability of the climate on which we depend has been compromised. Try as we might to reign in further carbon emissions, there is only one way to actually reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and that is by getting it back underground.