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  • A Note To The Reader
    Can't find the post you were looking for? I've reorganized! Instead of jamming all kinds of posts into one big mess, I've created a "web of blogs" and sorted out the various threads into a series of interlinked subject segregated blogs. Click on the links below to find the one that interests you:
  • Big MACC Attack
    Food, Farming, Technology & Culture
  • Garden Klog
    An ongoing journal of my garden related activities, mostly right here in Shepherdstown, WV, at the head of the Shenandoah Valley.
  • Garden Smarts
    A compendium of organic gardening resources drawn from my five garden books and my 20,000 image library of photographs.
  • The Author
    Visit my CV page to check out some of the other things that I am up to. Includes sample presentations that I can present to your group about many of the topics discussed here on the blogs.

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Adventures in the Seed Trade

  • _Adventures in the Seed Trade
    This is a series of pictures taken mostly in 1999 and 2000 during trips to visit the seed breeders, producers and testers who provided the seed for my catalog, The Cook's Garden, which I founded in 1983 and left in 2003 after twenty years. Many of these locations are not open to the general public and so I have done my best to give you some background on each of them to put them in context.