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Meg Spurlin

Shep, I thought you and your readers might find inspiration, as I did, by Brian Troup's example of how to garden and produce seed "on nothing a year"
I discovered Brian just north of Frederick by buying his poppy seed (papaver somniferum) on Ebay. Brian was eager to have someone visit and share his passion for poppies. Outside his modest condo, old windows resting against the stoop provided a make-shift cold frame, sheltering a few robust poppy plants. Aside from these, and seedlings under grow lights in the lower level, all Brian's gardening activity takes place on an allotment outside Frederick -- I think he said 30' x 70'. He corresponds with other poppy-lovers around the world, trading seed and nurturing his stock of new varieties until he has enough to offer for sale -- now around 10 varieties of papaver somniferum. He is also developing one Nicotiana that captured his fancy. He is very organized, computer-savvy, and devoted to this labor of love -- I gather there is no profit to speak of, given the charges for ebay, paypal, etc. Brian generously shared his expertise and I came home with many packets -- and a gift of two enormous, luscious seedheads of "giganteum". I can't wait to visit the allotment when the poppies are in bloom. Maybe Brian could be persuaded to this neck-of-the-woods to share with others how to succeed with the marvelous genus Papaver.

Larry & Cathy Halvey Goodwin

We live about 5 miles southeast of Shepherdstown in a house made out of recycled materials, mostly old tires. We're just getting into gardening - total novices - and saw (or, truthfully, noticed) the Princess St. Garden for the first time yesterday! How did we ever not see it before! Open your eyes, eh!

We were thoroughly impressed and would love to attend any meetings/workshops you offer around your initiative.
Larry & Cathy Halvey Goodwin

Barbara Keech

Love your garden! I would love to know more about doing this type of gardening and I think the community garden idea is fantastic. We need more of that throughout our Country for numerous reasons.


There will be another organizational meeting Sunday January 17 at 4:30 at the Shepherdstown Presbyterian Church across from the Post Office, on Washington Street. Hope to see you there...

Ellen Smith

Hello - I really enjoyed the meeting last night and hearing what you had to say. I signed the list for the community garden last night. Just thought I would leave my email here as well. I am very interested in the community garden.

Ellen Smith

John Arthur & Pamela Deerwood

We were walking by the garden last week while visiting from Hopkins, MN.

Lovely garden and a good concept.

Good luck with the project.

John Arthur

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