This May Be The Last Post Before Home

Just got off on my own yesterday, and I am staying at a funky hostel right downtown by Green Lake. This is the place I have been yearning for...fantastic location and surroundings, diverse mix of people from all over the world...lots of places to walk and things to see.

Burger and Fries

My first cheeseburger in three weeks...and it was a good one! And I got a great book at a funky little bookstore that I am enjoying muchly (next to the burger).

And coffee! Yes, coffee! 

Breakfast Lost Garden



On the way here my laptop's display went crazy and it was totally unreadable. I did a couple of hours of magic on it, and got it back to normal, but the symptoms are creeping I may not get as far as posting the pictures from the Kunming street market that I took yesterday, or the pictures I hope to take today at the Kunming Flower and Bird Market, which is world famous.

When it first went gonzo yesterday I went for a walk to mull over my options (after shutting down the laptop and removing the battery) and happened upon an artist's supply shop. I have been meaning to get back into sketching (last time was 2012 / 2013) in preparation for my next garden book and I figured:  Oh, laptop, no blog, but I can sketch the city and write an old fashioned journal about my (four more) days here.

So, if you see any posts after this, you'll know Lenovo came back from the brink...and if not?