The Donald Trumps China!

Two Days Till Launch

Coming down to the wire...have the visa finally (a ten year visa!) after a trip into DC, and the plane tickets. The seats are terrible, but then I have a lot of work to do anyway, preparing additional lectures. Down now to the stage we always go through when preparing for significant travel: the TO DO List and the TO BUY list.

The TO DO of course includes things like call the bank so they don't decline my Credit/ATM cards; make sure all the bills that come do while I am gone are paid; water the house plants and make sure that the garden is under some sort of control (and put a link on the Garden Smarts site noting that I will not be maintaining it in my absence).

Tomorrow will be the final packing...launch from Bakerton at 5 am on Saturday, which is not really a problem since I am used to getting up for the farmers market anyway (had to do three weeks of ads ahead of time and give them to Fiona and Todd).

Pretty unstressed about the whole thing as there are people at the other end (Chengdu and Kunming) who are making all the arrangements. I pretty much just have to show up!


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Will Lashley

Sichuan & the "an" in those two words a term that designates a place?

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