We're Off!
Lek Shi Farmers Market

Made It !

I am now in Chengdu...24 hours after leaving DC. The flight(s) were uneventful, though there was a delay in SF and so I arrived shortly after the scheduled time.

Ms Sun, who has been my contact and will be my translator, was waiting at the airport and all went smoothly. We start the program tomorrow at 9 am local time.

Unfortunately I cannot log in to my Gmail account (Great Firewall?) so I cannot communicate directly with my particulars, and I apologize; I am looking into VPNs or perhaps creating a new and temporary email account to stay in touch.

 I'm sitting here a  bit jet-lagged drinking warm Budweiser before crashing out.

image from g01.a.alicdn.com

Big arrival dinner tonight including a local specialty: Pickled Duck Tongue...



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Glad you made it. Looking forward to hearing more.

B. Lashley

Glad you made it safe. BTW you left the stove on!

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