Street Market Chengdu, Sichuan, China 9-15
Departure Dinner

Last Night In Chengdu

Even today was totally consumed, but that was because of the graciousness of my hosts. Even though I switched from "foreign expert" to "tourist" this morning (and shot off my Modern Farmer article that was promised a week ago) my handler Sherry was with me all day.

Asia Mall 1

It was a shopping day, getting presents for all the home folk (more to do in Kunming where I land tomorrow) and she saved me immense amounts of Yuan by haggling in the home language. Most of the stuff was bought at the Asia Mall, a touristy place near the Tibetan neighborhood I will choose to stay in if I am able to return.

She is a wonderful person (seen lurking behind me in the photo posted on Facebook after the lecture at the Agriculture academy) who turned me on both to the VPN that has allowed me to get back in touch and the Chinese / English smartphone app that is allowing me to communicate with the locals in her absence.

Theoretically I will have tomorrow afternoon off and will be able to do a little catching up, so look for back-dated posts covering the week in Chengdu ... especially the food. Think you have had Szechuan food in a Chinese restaurant? Dream on.


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