February 2013

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Will Lashley

Since I have reasonable certainty that there will be further mention of imbibing malted, fermented, and other beverages in this blog, I hasten to point out a small quibble with your usage in the journal entry above. You speak of a "small beer bar". Small beer in Europe is beer with a low alcohol content, and I suspect you would not deign to quaff a pint in such an establishment. In Britain, "small beer" means something of little importance, or a trifle, and I know you well enough to know that beer and ale are no trifling matter to you.
Looking forward to the future entries. Cheers!
~ Will Lashley


Of course I defer to my younger brother in all manners of English usage since he lives at the heart of the Empire, and I, as a mere descendant of colonists, parochial still in my bones, would not deign to contradict.

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