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Made it to the hotel in Kunming by lunchtime. There was a little mixup in that my host took me to this really flashy marble and mirror place where they did not seem to have my name on the list. In the end it turned out that the "hotel complex" included this new international posh-posh and its older brethren across the way a couple of hundred yards, which is where I ended up.

Truth be told I am happier over here. It is a classic mild climate place, a ring of three stories (no elevator) around a central courtyard full of mature philodendron and bananas and such, with sitting nooks among them (and WiFi).

Kunming Hotel Courtyard

A little worn around the edges perhaps, but a solid internet connection, "leave me alone" ambiance, and no flashy types in their shiny Eurocars.

Out the back, through my ten foot window I can see across our fence (below me...I can't see it) is some sort of compound centered around a shrine...in fact a monk just came around the right side, swiping his robes back up toward his elbows.


Four days? No problem. No traffic, no moving every day, no handlers and drivers....just the mellow Mr. Ma, who was driving 80 clicks down the middle of the 120 click expressway in from the airport, young daughter in the back seat, trying out her English on me and desperately wanting to pull the rollaboard suitcase from the parking lot to registration. A real change from Chengdu!


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